Flanging Part 2

I added flanges to the opposite sides of the ribs I had done previously.

BID for flanges is cut at 45 deg. First I cut a strip off the main roll to reduce waste.

Then cut strips at 45 deg approx 2 in wide.

I prepped the ribs by deglossing the surface with 60grit sand paper and wiping it down with acetone. I also knocked down any edges sticking up from the first flange so the overlapping glass on the second could lay flat. 

I wet out the BID between two sheets of plastic like previously, but this time I wet out the two ply layer together. Befor I put the two ply layup in place, I wet the surface with some catalyze resin.

Two plies BID wet out and squeeged out. Note the excess resonate the top and bottom.

HRIB2 after demolding and before and after trimming.

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