Tail Rib Jigs and HStab Rib

The last couple nights I’ve spent an hour here and there making the flange jigs for the horizontal stabilizer ribs and sanding the rough cut ribs to match the blue prints.

I used white glue on the first jig and it worked ok. The Gorilla Glue recommended was really the best and I glued all the rest of the jigs using that.

I used 2″ staples to hold the foam in place while drying.

After measuring, I found the 8 layers of duct tape put the flange spacing right at 5/16″, so I used 8 layers on all jigs.

The ribs sanded very easy, so I used 150 grit sandpaper to shape them. It was a. It slower, but easier to control so there was no oversanding. The results were quite satisfying and easy to achieve.

HRIB4 with angle sanded on the end to match the sweep of the hstab leading edge. On right and one left.