Night Stands 2

Last night I got all the veneer on inside and out and sanding done. I was able to finishe up the night with a coat of tung oil for color. Above shows with and without oil. I oiledboth and let dry overnight.

Tonight I got to work on the polyurethane. I use this Varahane product that’s actually for floors. 

I used it on our floors and it give a great, super durable finish, has little to no odor and cleans up with soap and water. It dries in about 45 min so it’s easy to get several coats in 1 night.

It’s self leveling , so it can be brushed on and still dries smooth. I’ll hog it 3 coats and then sand smooth with 220 grit and then one more coat on top. I would normally do 3 coats, sand, 3 coats, sand, 3 coats, polish, however, my wife says that results in a look that’s like plastic. She’s right in that it would be glossy smooth with no grain texture. So I stop early in that process to leave a more wood-like look.

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