Night Stands

With the basic bed in place in time for the mattress delivery, I’ve had some time to slack off. None the less, I started building the night stand portion of the bed. These are floating units that attach to the headboard with through bolts to anchor plates on the back. The box will be half filled with a drawer and then an open shelf on the bottom for chargers.

Above the sides of the boxes are cut from 3/4″ ply and have 1/2″ strips of black walnut glued to the face.

The strips hang over a bit on the sides and I used my router with edge trimming but to make them flush.

Sides trimmed, sander and ready for assembly. At this point I should have put the veneer on the inside. It proved to be kind of a pain later.

Glue and staple the sides while wiping off the glue as I go and checking for square.

Ready for Bondo and sanding.

I Bondoed and sanded the back side too. I want it to sit flat against the headboard, no gaps. Veneer goes on with contact cement. I usually work at night, so I trim the edges with a razor blade to keep the noise down.

Press down hard with the edge of a 2×4 that’s lightly rounded. 

For inside the box, I had to carefully cut the veneer to just the right width. These shims let me position the veneer and I just slide them out to stick.

New veneer pieces cut for the outside rob and bottom. 

That’s as far as I got today. 

To be continued…

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